Shipping transfer

Sea transport is the cheapest and at the same time reliable way to deliver cargo  from anywhere in the world. Vlandiby carries out transportation of cargo by sea from China, Korea, Australia, Central Asia, Russia, the Baltic countries to the CIS countries.

Also our advantage is that we can start multimodal transportation from absolutely any stage of logistics: «door to door»,  «port to door», «station to door». Company offer complex service to  Clients: starting from collecting the cargo from the sender, loading a container, then transferring it to various sites during transportation, ending with unloading cargoes  at a place of destination and returning empty container to the train operator.

The only point is that containers usually have been floating for over a month; this method is more suitable for those who are ready to carry the goods without certain delivery terms, but the safety of the cargo is the highest and the cost of transportation will be much lower compared with the other options for logistics solutions.

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