Transportation of combined cargoes from European countries is convenient because the cargo can go both in a solo car up to 5 tons, and as a part of a prefabricated 20 tons tilttruck, refrigerator, freight train. Vlandviby provides a service for the transportation of groupages of various types of cargo, and also has the ability to a quick search for an available transport according to Clients’ requests. The team of Vlandiby offers its assistance in consolidating cargo in warehouses of Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, and their export to Russia, Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan), Transcaucasia, Mongolia, Iran. In addition to the European warehouses, Vlandibay cooperates with partners, thanks to which, we are able to transport groupages from Belarus and Russia to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia. Pay attention to the fact that the company provides a service of transportation of combined cargo from Turkey, Bulgaria to the CIS countries.

Groupage cargo is more often transported in trucks, refrigerators, small-tonnage cars (from 1,2 to 5 tons). This is more convenient, mobile and quick, especially when it comes to temperature loads.

The Vlandvaybi team has already developed its own logical chain for finding the most suitable vehicle. To do this, consider such criteria as:

– nature of the goods;

– cargo properties;

– exact product parameters / type of packaging;

– distance of the route of cargo transportation in a given direction;

– urgency of delivery.


In the table there are examples of cars for transportation of groupage


Dimensions of trucks depending on the carrying capacityVolumeLengthWidthHeightHolding capacity of pallets
700 kg1-1,5 м31-1,211-1,20-1
1 ton5-8 м32-2,8 1,8 1,84
1,5 tons9 м3 31,95 1,7-2,24
2 tons14-16 м3 3,5-41,9 1,9-2,46
3 tons16-23 м3 4,2-5 2-2,2 2-2,48
5 tons32-45 м3 5,8-7,2 2,45 2,2-2,712-18
7 tons36-45 м3 6-8 2,45 2,2-2,715-18
10 tons32-45 м3 6-8 2,45 2,3-2,715-18
20 tons82-96 м313,62,46 2,5-2,733
120 cubes100-120 м315,9 2,5 2,5-3,133


The effectiveness of this type of transportation lies in the fact that in the world of logistics it occupies a leading position in its delivery terms and low price. Thanks to this method of transportation, we have more and more opportunities, minimizing costs, meeting customer needs and strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation between partners.

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